ION ASSIST makes 100% on-site success a reality.

Installations, servicing, staging, final-mile deliveries and global field exchanges. Getting them right first time is business critical: both in terms of reputation and a healthy bottom line.

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ION ASSIST on-site communications

Developed to eliminate on-site failure, ION ASSIST ensures your team has unprecedented access to your technical and delivery support resources.

Via a simple app, your on-site resource can communicate directly with your control tower, lead technicians or customers – who can walk them through the in-field requirements or installation issues in real time.

Using one-way live streaming, multi-language messaging and voice, the app gives operatives the most efficient communication tools to work through problems in a real-world scenario.

ION ASSIST eradicates on-site failure and increases field engineer effectiveness, helping to boost overall customer satisfaction and reduce transactional costs. Over time, the app also improves the learnings of remote workers, whilst reducing the central reliance of individuals.

Breaking down cultural and language barriers with global messaging.

Combining functionality and simplicity in an easy-to-use application.

The app is currently available on Android, with an Apple iOS version set to follow.
App for delivery communications
ION ASSIST makes 100% on-site success a reality
Med Tech install app
App for delivery communications
Engineers aiming for zero aborts

ION ASSIST can be used by clients in a vast range of business sectors. Examples of current active areas where the app cuts on-site failure, increases transactional profitability and improves client satisfaction include:

  • High-value retail inbound processing

  • Data centre installations

  • On-site utilities engineers

  • Telecom field service engineers

  • Final-mile specialist logistics

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